I woke up this morning ready to do what I always do.

As soon as the husband leaves for the day, that’s when my four and five-year old begin their siege. The morning starts with some light fist fighting, and transitions into breakfast. Breakfast melts nicely into cleanup time and outdoor play. We lucked out and moved into a house that has some playground equipment pretty close. And even though it’s fresh air and a great chance for them to get out their extra energy and be little boys, somehow lately it hasn’t seemed like enough.

So today, as I stood watching them, jumping from slide to slide as if they were apes, released from their enclosure, something else caught my eye. I saw a colorful flash, and when I turned to see what it was, I realized it was a kite! A beautiful kite, bobbing up and down, twirling left and right in the wind, its long rainbow tail trailing behind. It was an, “Aha!” moment for me. I knew the beach was close to my house, but I hadn’t realized just how close. So close to my house that I could see someone there, playing with a kite from my front porch. Not long after, as if she had read my mind, a friend invited us to walk down and enjoy the view.

I packed my camera, a sweater, and some water, and my boys and I walked down the road to the beach, like ducks in a row. And I’ll tell you, even with the choppy surf and the biting wind, I watched my oldest grab hold of the coarse sand and squeeze it through his fingers and he and his brother were over joyed. It was a beautiful sight. Not just the water, the sand, the sky.

My children.

 Such a simple act. Sitting on a beach, being somewhere that isn’t common, just for a few minutes. It was like their entire day had been made! So today I learned something. It only takes a little effort and a simple act to make a positive impact on those most important to you. And I’ve never met anyone more important than my children are to me.


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