Hanauma Bay, October 2nd, 2016! This was the most amazing date I had ever been on with my husband. It’s on the Southeast Coast of Oahu, in the Hawaii Kai part of East Honolulu. The whole bay is a product of violent volcanic eruption, which also formed the coral reefs, the area’s main attraction.

This trip lasted only about half of the day, but it was absolutely amazing. My husband and I held hands and snorkeled the whole afternoon, and we only took breaks to clear our masks. The tropical marine life was absolutely stunning! Rainbow colored Parrot Fish nibbling on coral, dozens of schools of fish swarming and darting around! We even saw a few eels.

After our swim we headed back to the car and I realized I had only taken two pictures for the whole time we spent there. All of the things we saw, I couldn’t share with my friends and family, because I had just forgotten. But right after that, I thought back to us swimming around, seeing things together and how much fun we were having, and I think it was better that way. To have that day just be something for us 🙂 I think if I had been taking pictures and videos the whole time, there’s a chance I could have missed out on the bonding time I feel like that day gave my husband and I.

That being said, I definitely want to go back, but next time I will be taking TONS of photos!


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